The sour cherry (visciolo in Italian) is a tree originally coming from the Eastern Europe and the Middle East, particularly from Armenia and Caucasus.

Today, Eastern Europe still represents one of the main production areas providing the original naturalness.

The Roman military tribune Lucio Licino Lucullo is said to have imported the tree in Italy. He would pick a plant at Cesaronte, a city in Asia Minor, on his way home after the third Mithridatic War in 65 b.C. Then he would replant it in the gardens of his villa in Rome. The spread of the tree in our countryside was a lucky coincidence.

In the past century, the Amarene di Cantiano were much appreciated also by the Italian royal family. Indeed there is a document dating back 1928 and testifying an order made by King Vittorio Emanuele II from a well known local factory.

Additionally there is further documentation attesting awards and honors conferred to the Amarene di Cantiano before 1925, among which the Gold Medal at the International Fair in Paris, and the Cross of Merit at the International Fair in Milan.

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