Quality in the name of the love we feel for this land.
Listening to improve ourselves continuously.
Availability and Speed to meet the needs of those who sell and process our products.
Reliability to build trusted partnerships.

Our values are the drivers that help us bring our products from this land to all over the world.

We serve a large network of small businesses that produce and sell quality products thanks to their know-how and expertise.

Today, 30% of our turnover comes from small businesses all over the world. Despite the shipping surcharge, they choose our products because of their quality.

We like to think that our products have an after-life, mixing up with different cultures, far and near.

For retailers, our products are not simply Black Cherries or jams: they represent a piece of our land, a mark of authentic quality.

For those who make ice cream or pastries, our Black Cherries are a tool to enhance their creative talents. We like to have our products mixed with others’ savoir-faire and stimulate the senses of those who taste them. We love the pleasure coming from good food.

Those who choose our products often showcase them and display our brand. This is an effective way to convey the authenticity and quality of our supply chain to the end customers, too. It also represents an increasingly important added value, in light of the growing consumer awareness and desire to rediscover natural places.

In this period of profound change, our values and commitment are acknowledged and prized by consumers who more and more frequently choose quality and naturally processed products.