Our processing techniques are the result of almost ten years of hard work, experimentation, and refinement. The quality and value of our products are nowadays widely acknowledged by markets and consumers.

Morelloaustera black cherry is the fruit of our history and represents who we have become. It keeps the traditions and flavors of our lands and offers them to people that have learned to appraise our products around the world.

The second life of our products is a book written by our customers.

Cantiano Black Cherries and Sour Cherries are sold mainly in syrup.

This preservation method is the result of traditional processing and craftsmanship techniques. It makes black and sour cherries an exquisite product to be enjoyed “au naturel“, on ice cream and yogurt, or in homemade cakes and desserts.

Our products are the results of incredible teamwork.

We believe that experience and a sense of belonging are what make all the difference when striving for quality.

People who work with us are aware that we value their work and they are free to organize themselves flexibly based on shared objectives and deadlines.
This allows us to keep high production standards and meet the exigences of ice cream parlors, bakeries, and small national and foreign distributors.