We have been farming Cantiano lands since 2006.
Our products are naturally produced and represent the excellence of this territory that we make available to be processed or sold around the world.


High quality is what characterizes our products, thanks to accurately selected raw materials, long-standing expertise, and exclusive processing techniques.




Our culture relies on hard work and high quality.
We are small entrepreneurs and farmers, humble, simple, and rich in traditions.
Our personal and collective fulfillment is tied to nurturing our know-how.
The commitment we put into our work has shaped the beauty of this land through passion, care, and continuous improvement. A land that is Cantiano, it is Marche region, it is Italy






Our processing techniques are the result of almost ten years of hard work, experimentation, and refinement. The quality and value of our products are nowadays widely acknowledged by markets and consumers.

Morelloaustera black cherry is the fruit of our history and represents who we have become. It keeps the traditions and flavors of our land and offers them to people that have learned to appraise our products around the world.




Quality in the name of the love we feel for this land.
Listening to improve ourselves continuously.
Availability and Speed to meet the needs of those who sell and process our products.
Reliability to build trusted partnerships.

Our values are the drivers that help us bring our products from this land to all over the world.


The first Organic Black Cherry


A cultivation method based exclusively on natural substances, without the use of any synthetic chemicals

Morelloaustera Cantiano Organic Black Cherry shows our focus on quality, people, and our land.



Cantiano Black Cherry is among the products of the Slow Food Ark of Taste, which travels the world to collect specialties from different cultures, histories, and traditions.

Cantiano Sour Cherry has been enlisted among the traditional food products of the Marche Region in the Official Gazette.